Getting Around

Rail and Bus

You are spoilt for choice with transportation options in Beijing. In addition to an efficient subway, public bus and trolleybus system, the city has bus tours and is the hub of the national railway network.

Guided bus tours in English will take you to all the popular tourist destinations, both within the city and farther afield.

Traveling by public bus and trolleybus in Beijing is very affordable. Timetables in English are available at, click on English. You can type in your starting point and destination, and the web site, operated by the Beijing Municipal Government, will generate a map, route options, bus numbers and timetables. Many buses are only 1 RMB to go anywhere, but some are 1 RMB for up to 12km, and then after that it is 0.5 RMB per kilometer. If you are on a budget or want to experience daily Chinese life, the public buses can take you all over the city.

(Interior of a Beijing subway train) Interior of a Beijing subway train.

The Beijing Subway system goes to many of the popular tourist destinations, including Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Lama Temple, the Olympic Park, the airport and the train station. Tickets for lines 1 and 2 downtown are 3 RMB, and a transfer for the suburbs is 5 RMB.

The railway network in China is extensive, with fast, comfortable and safe trains linking almost every town and city. Your starting point will be Beijing Railway Station or Beijing West Railway Station.