Getting Around


Bicycles are a way of life in Beijing. In fact China has been nicknamed the “Bicycle Kingdom”. The millions of bicycles daily criss-crossing the city – ridden by people of all ages, with workers and students commuting, people transporting oversize loads and families on their way to activities - have a high priority in traffic flow. There are also many bike paths around the city which avoid busy streets. Traffic speed is generally slow and the city is flat, so bicycling in Beijing is suitable for all fitness levels.

Both bicycle rentals for self-guided excursions and bike tours with English-speaking tour guides are available. Bicycling offers an inexpensive and environmentally-friendly way to see the major sights of the city, while experiencing an essential part of Chinese life. You can see more in a shorter time and avoid the crowds on the sidewalks. (Beijing bicycle parking lot) Beijing bicycle parking lot. Many different half-day, all-day and multi-day guided bicycle tours are available, including explorations of: Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden Palace and imperial Beijing, old Beijing and the hutongs, the Olympic landmarks, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs and Beijing at night. If you are staying for a longer time, you could consider buying a bicycle.

There are many bike parking lots in the city, some of which have a guard who will keep an eye on the bicycles for a small fee and if you get a flat tire there are inexpensive bike repair stalls on the side of the road.