Beijing offers so many opportunities to enjoy and learn more about the historic and contemporary culture of China in all its diversity that it is hard for the visitor to know where to start. The capital contains a concentration of awe-inspiring architecture and monuments, breathtaking displays of Chinese works of art and crafts and fascinating Chinese historical, medical and scientific exhibits. The difficulty for tourists is how to choose from the almost overwhelming number of options to explore China’s culture and arts. When the time comes to relax and regenerate, there is a range of world famous parks and gardens, both classical Chinese and Western-style, to enjoy. Extending over 5,000 years of history and including contributions by 56 ethnic groups, the ancient and modern evocations of Chinese culture and arts in Beijing are diverse and impressive.

(China National Olympic Stadium also known as the Bird Nest) China National Olympic Stadium also known as the Bird Nest. (Portrait of Confucius) Portrait of Confucius.