Art Galleries

Beijing offers a wide range of art galleries, both massive and more intimate in scale, with displays of classical and contemporary works of art.

The 5 acre Beijing World Art Museum, which makes up part of the China Century Monument in Hai Dian District, has extensive collections of art from around the world. There is a permanent exhibition of national artistic works in the Centurial National Treasure Display as well as frequent visiting art exhibits from abroad.

For collections of art from the Ming and Qing dynasties as well as examples of more ancient works of art, visitors can go to the Imperial City Art Museum within the Forbidden City and the Beijing Art Museum in the Wanshou Temple.

The National Art Museum of China in Dongcheng District is the largest art gallery in China and focuses on modern works of art, including large sculpture exhibits and paintings by prominent Chinese artists.

The Yan-Huang Art Gallery in the Asian Games Village (Yayuncun) has large collections of mostly contemporary Chinese art. It features art by the famous Chinese painter Huang Zhou as well as works by other influential Chinese artists.

Those seeking exhibits of folk art from China and abroad will find them at the Beijing Jintai Art Museum, located at the west gate of Chaoyang Park.

Beijing’s first private art gallery was established by reknowned artists, husband and wife, He Yan and Wu Qian. The He Yan and Wu Qian Art Gallery is located in Dongcheng District and has a collection of their striking paintings.

Displays of modern freehand wash paintings by artist Laojia are at the Laojia Art Gallery in Changping District.

A place to see art works by up-and-coming artists is the Art Gallery of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Dongcheng District which holds regular exhibitions of art works by the students, teachers and alumni of the academy.

The multitude of art galleries and art museums in Beijing offer a wealth of opportunities for visitors to experience works of art, including paintings, sculptures, murals and other art installations by historical, modern and contemporary artists.