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The currency in China is the RMB (Renminbi) or it can be called CNY is issued from the People’s Bank of China , the basic unit is the Yuan or Kuai (which comes in fractional currency of Fen and Jiao).

6.8 RMB/CNY = 1 USD (check the daily currency exchange rate). Paper money comes in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 50 and 100 Yuan. Fen and Jiao comes in 1, 2, 5. 1 Yuan = 10 Jiao. 1 Jiao = 10 Fen. Coins come in denominations of 1 Yaun, 5 Jiao and 1, 2, 5 Fen.

You can exchange your traveler’s cheques and foreign currency when you arrive either at the airport or at a bank cash center. Remember to have your passport with you as you will have to show it for any transactions. RMB is only usable in China, so don’t exchange too much cash into RMB, when you are leaving make sure you have your original exchange receipt so that you can change it back to your home currency. The original receipt is to prove that you are simply exchanging money that went unspent.

Counterfeit money: check money when you are receiving it back from anywhere other than the bank. RMBs have a watermark and a distinct color, often counterfeit money is not quite the same color. As well counterfeit money is not usually able to replicate the Braille dots on the front side of the yuan.

(Chinese Yuan) Chinese Yuan

Currency Exchange

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All the major banks in Beijing will exchange money and cash travelers cheque’s for foreigners. You can open a bank account using your passport and travel visa, once you have an account you can use any ATM to withdraw cash. Make sure you take your passport with you to the bank, you will need it for all banking transactions.

  • Bank of China Beijing Branch — Tel +86010 65199988
  • China Construction Bank Beijing Branch — Tel +86010 63603634
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Xidan Branch — Tel +86010 66054180
  • Agricultural Bank of China Beijing Dongcheng Branch — Tel +86010 65286170

Wiring money: You can wire money or have money wired to you in China. Western Union has a Chinese service called Money Transfer. There are offices in Xiantao, Puning, Mudanjing and Chongqing, for exact contact information check the Western Union website at:

Credit Cards

Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB and Diners Cards are all accepted in China, although most of Chinese society uses cash. There are many ATM’s (automatic teller machines) around Beijing that you can easily withdraw cash from your credit card.