Travel Tips

Special Considerations

Family Travel

The Beijing Wildlife Park, Beijing Aquarium, Blue Zoo, Beijing Planetarium, Sony ExploraScience and the Happy Valley Amusement Park are all popular destinations for children. Most parks in Beijing have children’s playgrounds and often opportunities to feed birds. Other options include kite-flying in Tiananmen Square, a boat ride along one of Beijing’s waterways or a rickshaw ride through the hutongs.

Children 12 and under stay free with their parents at most hotels. If you need an extra bed, there is a small charge.


Youngsters will enjoy many of the snack foods available throughout the city: baozi (steamed buns), huntun (wonton soup), youtiao (deep fried dough twists), noodles and hotpot restaurants where they can cook their own food.

Senior's Travel

People over 50 make up the largest group of worldwide travelers and many travel companies and tour groups specialize in seniors’ travel. Make sure to take out adequate travel insurance. Have a pre-trip medical and dental check-up and take enough of your prescription medicines to last the length of your trip and more.


To bring your pet into China you need a vaccination certificate (showing that all vaccinations have been given within 30 days of departure) and an international health certificate from your veterinarian. Upon arrival in China you go through Customs and pay a fee. There is a 30 day quarantine period, but you can usually have your pet at home with you. While in Beijing you will need to register and license your pet with the local authorities. Contact your local Chinese Embassy to check the latest regulations on bringing animals into China. Make sure you know the rules for bringing your pet back to your home country after your travels.

Accessible Travel

It is only recently that attitudes to the disabled in Beijing and China are starting to change following decades of discrimination and neglect. Preparing the city for the Paralympics in 2008 jump-started many improvements in acessibility. The Great Wall and the Forbidden City have been made accessible to wheelchairs, some elevators have been installed and there are some barrier-free tourist routes. Transportation is easier with Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, 55 subway stations and some of the public bus fleet now being accessible. Only 1.60 and 2.40 taxis have enough room in the trunk for a wheelchair.

However, even when there is an accessible toilet, it is often kept locked, and a lowered curb may be cordoned off. Beijing is an ancient city and many popular tourist destinations are still inaccessible.