About Beijing


The climate is a warm temperate zone and semi-humid, cold and dry winters (January is the coldest -10C) and hot summers (July is the warmest at 30C 87F) Beijing has four distinct seasons.

September and October temperatures are between 15-20C and are the best months of the year to travel, there is very little rain during those months and the temperature is not too hot with highs of 18C 66F and lows of 8C 47F. April and May average high temperatures are 22C 70F with lows of 10C 50F and rainfall is 1-3 inches per month while mild temperatures but there can be sandstorms this time of the year.

(Beijing old Summer Palace (Yuanming Yuan) in winter) Beijing old Summer Palace (Yuanming Yuan) in winter.

Don’t let the fact that Beijing’s climate is called “continental monsoon” deter you. While Beijing is classified as a monsoon-influenced climate they have dry hot summers, the monsoon season is in July and August with up to 22 inches of rain.

In the winter dress in layers but rain gear is only necessary during the summer rainy season.

The air quality in Beijing can fluctuate with some days the air pollution is measured at 5 times the health standard for safety and clear air quality other days. China has implemented many tactics to alleviate some of the air pollution with mandatory bus travel, subway lines, and vehicle restrictions.